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What kinds of service are you looking for?

Doulas provide postpartum services tailored to the needs of each family. I set aside time for a free initial consultation with every client to make sure that what the family wants and the services I can provide match. The services are available in both Japanese and English.


Postpartum care
hourly service

$40/60 minutes

Postpartum care
20 hours package


"Mommy's time"

$25/60 minutes

*A minimum of 2 hours of service will be provided per home visit. 1 hour service is not available.
*If the destination exceeds 20 miles, 50₵/mile will be charged separately
 as travel expenses.

Most popular postpartum services

  • Infant care - helping change diapers, swaddling, soothing, cuddling and watching baby as a family rests

  • Postpartum mother care - emotional and physical support for mothers

  • Lactation counseling

  • Basic housework - laundry, washing dishes, sterilizing breast pump parts and bottle supplies, dusting surfaces, vacuuming and sweeping while you and baby rest

  • Sibling care​

  • Pet care - dogs and cats only

  • Postpartum planning session - assisting your family with preparing for new roles and responsibilities, teaching basic baby care, informing about typical postpartum challenges, Q&A

  • Available via phone, text, and/or email for check-ins

  • Twins/triplets care (the service fees vary, so please contact me first)

​"Mammy’s time" Support

This is a service that takes care of a baby at home while a mother goes out. Mothers with small children tend to limit their activities to just the inside of the house. There are many days when a day goes by without a single conversation with an adult. It is not only important and beneficial for a mother to take a break and refresh by going out, but it also has a positive impact on her baby and the family. Enjoy some "me time"!

A minimum of 2 hours of service will be provided per home visit. 1 hour service is not available. The services under "Postpartum Care" such as lactation counseling, postpartum mother care, housework, or pet care are not included here. If you have older children, $2 per child will be added to the service fee.

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